About Us

Fully Licensed with the Arizona Department of Health Services

Building Blocks Counseling believes the relationship between clients and therapists is the most important element for success. We strive to treat all clients with respect and dignity, while providing a safe place to explore and develop personal accountability. We utilize the Stages of Change to help understand that people can be at different levels of commitment to sobriety and still find help.

Our Vision

Building Blocks Counseling envisions a thriving and healthy community that reinforces each individual’s growth and accountability.  Our values are:

  • We support the clients at their level of change with a flexible program structure, providing individual, family and group counseling opportunities.
  • We believe that clients succeed when communication with Parole, Probation and the courts are consistent and clear.
  • We strive to provide evidenced-based treatment so that clients can build life-long, pro-social tools for success.
  • We role-model integrity by acting in a fair and consistent manner with clients, referral sources, employees and community.
  • We believe changing beliefs, thoughts and attitudes changes behaviors.
  • We continue to creatively work to provide affordable services.
  • We honor diversity by embracing all people and situations with respect.

Building Blocks Counseling is interested in helping many different populations involved with the Justice System, with particular emphasis on those under the age of thirty. We are dedicated to finding solutions for young offenders that builds on personal accountability, managing emotions, finding pro-social alternatives, and increasing a sense of community. In order to get the correct education and counseling services needed, we provide Substance Abuse, DUI and Domestic Violence Assessment’s and offer a program focused for Women in the Justice System, addressing issues of substance abuse, trauma history and family preservation though parent education and family counseling.

While Building Blocks Counseling (BBC) is new to the community, the directors have been involved in many aspects of the community. Vern Johnson, BSW, has spent a large part of his career assisting hospice and assistant living caregivers. Duane Mantey has been an influential member of the community, not only as the owner/operator of Vivre Recovery Housing sites, but also as a founder and board member of AzRHA (Arizona Recovery Housing Association), an organization dedicated to improving housing for all recovery houses throughout the state. Clinical Director, Jackie Uhlemann, M.A., LPC, has provided evidenced based treatment to referrals from the justice system, including substance abuse treatment and education, domestic violence treatment, family drug court, and CPS referrals.

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