Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions About Treatment

Building Blocks Counseling wants to support your journey to Recovery.  The more information you have, the more likely you will make the best decisions for yourself.

What is Treatment?

Treatment is about meeting the person where they are ready to start the change process, and offering a roadmap to success.  Treatment can help people who feel stuck in a cycle of pain and hurt learn to live healthy, productive lives. Sometimes Treatment can be accomplished with outpatient services, sometimes a person will need more intensive care.

What Happens first?

  1. Assessment

We have qualified people who can assess your level of need.  Many people need detox before starting a program, others may need structured sober living residence, and some will benefit from staying in their home and fitting individual and group counseling into their regular schedule.

  1. Treatment

Our clients engage in group and individual therapy to recognize and address the underlying causes of their addiction. They will learn how different ways to cope with life frustrations, understand their triggers and urges, and practice sober living skills needed to prevent relapse.

  1. Aftercare

Once our client has successfully completed treatment, aftercare services are available, including ongoing individual and group therapy and SMART Recovery meetings. Sober Living arrangements can also be part of the plan.

How long does Treatment take?

We recommend at least 90-days to make the long lasting changes needed to stay sober and begin the long road of Recovery.  However, some people may benefit from more or less treatment.  Assessment will consider:  what substance is involved, the individual history of each client, possible co-occurring problems, and each individual’s mental health needs.

Is Insurance Accepted?

We are contracted with Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and often able to work with other insurance companies.  Please call for a free initial consultation.